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This section of the webpage lists 10 frequently asked questions selected by us. Contents of this page will change from time to time so do visit us again for latest updates.

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1. Is buying GST computer software compulsory?
No. GST computer software is recommended but not compulsory.
2. Must Tax Invoices be fully computer generated/printed?
Fully handwritten tax invoices are not allowed.

Until 30th September 2015, stamped, pre-printed and partially hand written Tax Invoice is valid as long as it contains all of the required information set by the authority. Particulars such as the wording of "Tax Invoice", GST ID number and rate of tax may be stamped or pre-printed but particulars that are present in conventional invoice such as serial number, supplier's name and address etc must be pre-printed.

Begining 1st October 2015, retailers (click here for businesses classified as "retailers") must use a GST compliant point of sale (POS) or cash register to issue tax invoices.

Begining 1st October 2015, non-retailers must use a computer generated invoice or pre-printed invoice (no more stamping allowed) which is GST compliant.

For detailed explanation, refer DG's decision 03/2015 and Tax Invoice and Records Keeping Guide published by the customs.
3. Is an inventory tracking module required for GST compliance?
No. Inventory movement records are recommended but not required.
4. Is the design of tax invoices prescribed / fixed by the customs?
No. Businesses can freely design their Tax Invoices accordingly as long as it contains all the required information set by the authority.
5. Are deemed supplies and disregarded supplies part of the computation for the registration threshold of RM 500,000?
Yes. Both deemed and disregarded supplies are included in the calculation of the RM 500,000 registration threshold.
6. Is the RM 500,000 threshold based on my previous year turnover?
No. The threshold is based on any 12 consecutive months revenue and is not based on business financial year.
7. Is a shop lot owned by a GST registered person rental charges subjected to GST?
It depends on the use of the said property. It may be a shop lot but utilised for residential purposes and thus, there will be no GST charges even though company is a taxable person.
8. My business has a long product list. What is the best way to determine GST rates applicable to my products?
Giving a call to your suppliers to enquire about the rates applicable should help. Suppliers would have good knowledge on their products GST rates.
9. I have lost my purchases Tax Invoice. Can I still claim input tax?
It is possible if you ask for a re-issue of invoice from your supplier. Failing will result in you not able to claim input tax.
10. Can I not write customer name and addresses in Sales Tax Invoice?
Yes. These Tax Invoices are known as “Simplified Tax Invoices”. However, to use such tax invoices businesses must first obtain approval from the customs.
Update: According to DG's Decision 01/2015, blanket approval on simplified tax invoice is given to any person that supplies to end customer. (No longer necessary to apply through online portal)
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