GST Resource Library

This section hosts our library of information and guides that can help businesses to better comprehend GST framework as well as GST compliance in Malaysia. Materials here covers GST practical implementation issues, GST general rules, sample case study reports etc.

Disclaimer: While best efforts have been made to ensure correctness of this information, there may be unintended mistakes. Recipients should not act on the basis of this information without first seeking professional advice. The provision of information does not constitute advice or opinions of any kind. Alan Yoon Associates will not be liable for any damages, losses or causes of action of any nature arising from any use of any of the information provided.

GST Kick-Start Guides
Our latest GST handbooks can be downloaded here. Get started today!

GST Starter Guide (English)

GST Starter Guide (Chinese)


The Journey of GST (English)
The Journey of GST (Chinese)

GST Seminars Slides
This area house our latest GST seminar handouts. All slides are converted to PDF format for viewing convenience.

Latest GST Seminars Slides (English)
Latest GST Seminars Slides (Chinese)

AYA's GST Reports Samples
Our case study reports can be accessed here for your references. Report formats may differ to cater for different engagements.

Case Study Report Sample 1 (English)

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