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Sustainability Perspectives of Market-Pulled and Crisis-Pushed Corporate Spin-Offs (2022) Click here to read...
Are there different wealth effects for Corporate Spin-offs (CSOs) during economic crisis viz non-crisis and do their performance matter? We found Crisis-pushed CSOs had dwindling short-term gains implying weak sustainability and Market-pulled CSOs demonstrated strong sustainable long-term gains.

Evidence of Wealth Effect of Corporate Spin-Offs in China (2021)
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Is corporate spin-offs less attended as a wealth-generating asset restructuring in the People’s Republic of China (China)?. Was the wealth effect of China’s corporate spin-off occurring in the State Capital Economy? Although China’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) incidences and volumes are vigorous, China's corporate spin-offs started late and lack extensive applications. This paper aimed to provide evidence on the wealth effect of the combination of China corporate spin-off announcements, parent and subsidiary.

Cross-sectional Correlation From period Based Subsampling - Malaysian Corporate Spin-offs (2019) Click here to read...
This paper aimed to report evidence on the effects and corresponding remedial measures of cross-sectional correlation arose due to a period-based subsampling for the case of Malaysian corporate spin-offs’ shareholders wealth effect measurements.

Malaysian Corporate Spin-Offs: Wealth Redistribution Relations with Debt and Liquidity (2014) Click here to read...
The reviewed corporate spin-offs studies mostly in US, delved into wealth impact in the stock market. Different researchers espouse wealth creation on the various market models. This study also examines the wealth impacts of spin-off events, but in Malaysia, an emerging market place which is rare and further analyses the links between the wealth impact and parent company’s pre-event debt levels and post-event liquidity position to explain wealth redistribution from debtors to shareholders due to spin-offs.

Corporate Spin-offs and the Determinants of Stock Price Changes in Malaysia (2007) Click here to read...
This study appraises the impact of Spin-off decisions in addition to the determinants of share price movement for Malaysian listed companies. The empirical evidence shows positive and affirmative announcement effects on stock prices.


Seminar on "Bridging Corporate Risk Management Theories & Practices"
Coorganising with National Institute of Accountants, Australia, this seminar enunciates the practical realities of Fraud Management, Financial Planning and Risk Transfer Insurance as measures to address Corporate Risks and bridging prevailing Risk Management theories and practices.
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Seminar on "Malaysian Customs Procedures, Documentations and GST"
Coorganising with National Institute of Accountants, Australia, this seminar presents the delicate contemporaneous issues of the Royal Malaysian Customs procedures and documentations with a brief on the system of Goods & Service Tax to be introduced soon in Malaysia.
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Seminar on "2008 Malaysian Budget and Tax Risk Management"
Coorganising with National Institute of Accountants, Australia, this seminar reviews the new tax changes introduced by the 2008 Malaysian Budget. It also has a session on Tax Risks Management.
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Seminar on "Corporate Financial Restructuring" and AYA Seminars Golf Classic Challenge
This seminar addresses Corporate Financial Restructuring Issues namely tax considerations and regulatory constraints of situation-specific financing methods. Participants can also relax with a round of golf, network and unwind with peers and associates.
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Seminar on "Tax Planning and Incentives for SMEs"
This workshop highlights tax reduction and saving concepts for SMEs. The workshop sessions will examine various skilful tax management exercises.
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Seminar on "Completing 2006 Form EA and highlight of Personal Taxation / Self Assessment for Individual"
This workshop is designed exclusively for financial decision-makers and those who are interested in seeking to update his/her knowledge in the areas of Tax Management on Employees’ Benefits for preparings the Form EA and highlight of Personal Taxation (Form B & Form BE).
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Seminar on "Valuing Safety in the Workplace"
Discover the business metrics, understand the basics of Safety Policies and learn how to improve business performance management, systems and processes.
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Seminar on "GST and Tax Audits & Investigations"
Learn how Goods & Services Tax (GST) works, the fundamental of GST concepts and Tax Investigations and Audit via taxpayers' perspective through a Q&A platform at this seminar. Click here for details


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