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Deploying processes, resources, expertise and experience of team members to ensure on-going independence, Alan Yoon Associates offers three levels of independent validation and assessment of financial performance to meet all regulatory, statutory, financial and internal management requirements.

The highest degree of financial scrutiny, determined after evaluating sufficiency and appropriateness in which we publicly attest to financial performance. In stronger control environment, liasoning with the audit committee as well as the management on the audit plan and evaluation of the internal control systems.
A thorough examination resulting in an assurance, but no assertion of financial performance.
Preparing financial reports typically used for internal purposes, containing no assertion of financial condition.

Fraud Prevention and Forensic Accounting
Internal Fraud, Reporting Irregularities and Crime are of serious company concerns and should be handled in a proactive, factual and concise manner. Alan Yoon Associates can be engaged to strengthen management control as a preventive measure. We can be involved in forensic applications, police co operations, and legal proceedings preparing evidentiary discovery, analysis and presentation for court testimonies.

Income Tax Compliance and Consultancy
Alan Yoon Associates income tax specialists have years of experience providing in-depth income tax consulting and filings with accuracy. Our income tax specialists have an extensive background in representing corporate clients and high worth individuals in the preparation of income tax audits and in negotiating settlements with the Inland Revenue Board.

Customs Compliance and GST Consultancy
Alan Yoon Associates assists clients in inhouse customs training. We have consultants to do customs licensing for licensed warehouse, Goods and Services Tax and excise. We can also help in application of customs facilities, appeals to customs or treasury, dealing with free zones, exemptions, refund, drawback and other customs related matters.

Management Consulting
No one understands an organization as well as the people who manage it, but often an outsider view can stimulate management to develop alternative approaches to solving problems once thought to be intractable. In the process, many of our clients not only save time and money, they free themselves from time-consuming processes which preserve increases of the time available for critical strategic planning.

Information Management
To have attention on the information communicated, the data and content must be reader friendly, clear, eloquent, relevant and unambiguous. Alan Yoon Associates can help to edit, translate and manage your information such that the human problem and media problem leading to communication limitation is reduced or optimized. A good first impression, well-designed layout and efficient media utilization are virtues attributing to ensure effective information visibility pertinent in this information technology age.

Corporate Risk Management
The evolving uncompromising market place mandates strong governance concepts over possible business risks. Alan Yoon Associates helps clients to evaluate the financial risks encountered in their industries. We can offer a full spectrum of management audit services to enable continuous monitoring and control. Whist optimizing business resources over and above a stop-loss dominance, we can also reduce the risks to a satisfactory level in protecting the business economic capital and assets through asset liability management, financial planning and risk transfer. To prioritize financial goals towards risk management, we can assist clients to select from a wide range of researched investment options thereby providing the best possible financial planning advice.

Financial Management
For many organizations, it is more productive and cost-effective to outsource some or all of their financial management responsibilities in order to focus upon programmatic and organizational development. In accordance with the particular needs of individual organizations, Alan Yoon Associates has developed a diverse range of financial management services options to meet these needs. We have put together a financial management team that not only understands accounting, but also provides technical expertise and contacts on Fund Raising as well as Bank Debt Restructuring.

Alan Yoon Associates periodically reviews client's financial records, and provide analytical support to assist in addressing the financial needs, ensure government funding or regulatory compliance, prepare for audits, and manage cash flow. We work closely with senior management to make the financial reporting process as efficient as possible.

Human Capital Consultancy
Most business does not practice anticipatory staffing. When a position is actively filled, the need is overdue creating pressure and stress on human relations. Alan Yoon Associates recognizes the importance of human capital management and is able to optimize human capital by identifying, attracting, qualifying and procuring responsible talents and performers for our client companies narrowing the employer-employee expectation gap in terms of lifestyle match, work scope and company goal.

Education and Training
Education and training are essential for maintaining, measuring and monitoring standards as a learning organisation. Apart from its own "Employees Training", Alan Yoon Associates regularly conducts workshops, seminars and lecture series to promote knowledge and understanding amongst the business community, professionals and students.

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